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Middle School Party Punch 32oz 2 wick candle

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Welcome to middle school--the party IS the punch! This 32oz candle is made with zesty cranberry and orange-scented wax, providing all the energy you need for a wild night of cramming hair gel and doing math. Class is in session! (But don't worry, it's totally worth the detention.)

Our candles are made from an original family recipe that utilizes the very best candle components with 100% food-grade wax concentrated fragrance oils containing natural ingredients, and wicks utilizing innovative textiles. This ensures all of our candles burn clean while delivering the best possible fragrance.

Each candle is 24 ounces of paraffin wax with 2 wicks for a fast melt, nice wax pool and great throw that is perfect for larger sized rooms. They have a clean burn for up to 150 hours.

Approx. dimensions: 7"x4"x4"

Approx. Weight: less than 2 lbs.

Please note that this is a presale item and will not ship until November 24th, 2023. If ordered with another item the entire order will be held until the ship date. If you need the rest of your order sooner please contact me directly.


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